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Authorized Operator for specialized critical operations in Italy & France

ENAC 10368 - DGAC ED04305

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Who we are

We founded DGFLY to offer high-level assistance services to aviation and remotely piloted systems. We are constantly investing in the best engineering and commercial solutions for every project we develop, based on a

consolidated aeronautical experience acquired over many years into safety, regulation, engineering, operations and training.

We assist the end customer in developing his project by making available all the resources of our experience so that he can focus on his business, cancelling the loss of time to seek the most suitable partner.


We offer our professional customers who want to integrate the potential of drones into their business, a comprehensive smart tool that provides everything you need to fly with your staff. The tool extends the benefits of using the drone leaving us the preparation and certification of the staff, the means and the company.

The package includes:

  1. StaffTraining for obtaining APR pilot certificate and specializing in the use of dedicated payloads (thermography, video footage, etc ...) at Drone FLight Academy in Turin.
  2. Operational, technical and safety / risk assesment documentation of the Company.
  3. Dedicated insurance through our partner.
  4. Legal and privacy support.
  5. Help desk and assistance to operations.


With years of professional aeronautical and industrial expereince we can help you to develop your business, to be more competitive on the market, ensure compliance with standards and regulations, to obtain permissions and responses from the aeronautical authority more quickly, reduce the risks and increase the preformance of your operations, to develop or consolidate an effective risk assessment and management system, to promote your quality and professionalism with your customers, ensure the highest level of training for your staff.

for the Airline Operators

we issue of the airside compliance checklist, airport manual, ERP (Emergency Response Plan), regulations and management procedures.

for Drones

we assist operators to obtain authorisations and certification, issue of all operative documentation they need. We perform specialized critical operations in urban and extra-urban scenarios.

for Safety

we develop protocols for the management of the operations, we promote safety and security in all you company process

for the risk assessment

we analyse and issue ttal hazard and risk assessment for different scenarios for both aircraft and drones