professional solution for manned & unmanned aviation

Specialized operations with UAV

Multi-level aerial survey and territory monitoring

The acquisition of aerial data with UAV, fast, safe and professional 

Surveys and territory monitoring

Design, verification, monitoring of works and infrastructures and territorial planning

DGFLY uses drones to carry out remote sensing at very low altitude for the acquisition of indispensable data for the management of the territory, the environmental survey and the control of the territory useful for the production and updating of national topographic maps, numerical cartography, DTM, orthophoto, thematic maps, cadastral and environmental surveys, large-scale maps for urban and territorial planning.

It intervenes in any operating scenario with the best integrated solution for the acquisition and return of the final product.

Multi-level aerial survey

DGFLY a SKYMETRY Business Partner Affiliate

to perform integrated multilevel scans at very low altitude obtained from drones, satellite images and very high resolution images acquired by the airplane to obtain high-resolution aero-photogrammetric restorations of large areas in a short time and competitive costs


Business Partner Affiliate

Integrated solution for acquiring aerial data and monitoring the territory


Aerial Inspections

Flexible solutions for your Business

Industrial sites survey and aerial inspections

Specialized critical operations

for surveying high-altitude sites, industrial environments, high-density urban areas. The DGFLY crews perform aerial inspections and surveys of buildings, construction sites, power lines, towers and bridges. All operations are conducted in a safe, legal and highly professional manner, using aeronautical standards and always in compliance with ENAC and EASA regulations. All data collected is protected during the acquisition phase on sensitive sites.


advanced system for managing, viewing and sharing geospatial databases

The direct collaboration with GeneGis, GEO-ICT & Remote Sensing specialists, allows us to offer the end customer an integrated solution for the analysis of large projects from air flights aimed at monitoring the territory and detailed surveys for the industrial / real estate context or cultural heritage


Solutions for Professional Training

Drone Flight Academy

Trained by Professionals for Professionals

DGFLY is a founding member of the Drone Flight Academy, a training center authorized by ENAC that offers a training program on aeronautical standards dedicated to future drone operators. By completing PROFESSIONAL education and training for drones, students can uniquely identify themselves not only as certified drone operators, but as EXPERTS in technology and drone operations.
At the Drone Flight Academy the aeronautical staff is eager to teach the student to operate in complex critical industrial scenarios, with the highest professional and safety standards.



Services for technical-operational management

A long experience in the aerospace sector allows us, today, to provide the customer with all our expertise for compliance monitoring of national and international regulations, airworthiness management, Quality management, risk assessment.
We support the customer in the interface with the Aeronautical Authority and in the engineering and production phase of all the operating manuals for both "manned" and "unmanned" aviation


Customer Support

Regulations compliance monitoring
Airworthiness management
Quality Management
Safety Management

Flight Operations

Flight Operations management
Flight Mission planning
and control
Specialized operations Risk Assessment


Aviation consultancy service
UAV operator training provider
Specialized training for aviation
Human Factor training for aviation



Highly qualified professionals to provide you with complete solutions

DGFLY is an aeronautical company that markets high value-added solutions for the industry in the fields of training and operations of manned and unmanned aviation. 
A complete aeronautical services company that helps the customer to gain a competitive advantage in the market, providing consulting services in management systems, training solutions for manned and unmanne aviation and specialized drone flight operations for aerial data acquisition

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